Doncaster Air Museum, Doncaster

Join Simply Ghost Nights for a ghost hunting event at Doncaster Air Museum we have witnessed the solid manifestation of a pilot ambling around the Main Hangar and he has been glimpsed on numerous occasions to the shock of the ghost hunters who saw the mysterious, figure literally ghost past the hangar door.


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Tapton Hall, Sheffield

Ghost hunt in Sheffield with Simply Ghost Nights at the amazing Tapton Hall. For three centuries this great house has been an integral part of the Sheffield landscape. Its distinguished history has seen it serve as a home to great names and a witness to great events. In the early 1960's the Sheffield Masonic Hall Company was required to relocate as its premises in Surrey Street (opposite the Central Library) in the city centre was required for redevelopment


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Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Main Block, Ripon


Join Simply Ghost Nights as we go to the Main Block on a ghost hunting event, where you can investigate the Master's study, dining room, the pantry, classrooms where the children studied and orphans, inmates dining hall, inmates sleeping quarters and many more areas on a ghost hunt. The Workhouse catered for Orphans, the infirm and the homeless as well as many unfortunate souls who had fallen on hard times.

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Staveley Hall, Chesterfield

Standing high and proud in the hills of Staveley stands this stunning Grade 11 listed building.

Staveley Hall dates back to 1604 although history claims it was built upon the grounds of a much older Manor dating back as far as 500 more years.

And the church that stands next door to the manor is even mentioned in the doomsday book.


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The Former Funeral Parlour, Hull


The Old Annison building is reputedly said to be the most haunted building in Hull with a colourful past the building used to house the City of Hull Mounted Police before becoming a funeral parlour. The upstairs of the former funeral parlour includes the embalming room and mortuary all intact as they were when it closed over 30 years ago. Although the ground floor is now occupied by the Late Night Pharmacy who's staff say they are too terrified to venture upstairs alone.

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Armley Mills, Leeds


Ghost hunts at Armley Mills in Leeds are not for the faint hearted, with tales of hardship and a life of misery for it's workers dare you join Simply Ghost Nights and attempt ghostly communication with the inhabitants on a ghost hunting event at Armley Mills. A ghost hunt at Armley Mills with Simply Ghost Nights is really like stepping back in time to a ghostly world of ghost hunting adventures. 

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Ryecroft Hall, Manchester


Simply Ghost Nights return to Ryecroft Hall. The hall is a beautiful Grade 2 listed which dates back to 1849, when the Earl of Stamford and Warrington sold the land to the Buckley family, who owned the cotton mills at Ryecroft.

During the First World War it became a voluntary hospital with over 100 beds. Austin Hopkinson gave the house and grounds to the people of Audenshaw in 1922 for Council Offices and to this day it is used for community purposes. This buildings reputed haunting and history aside, what will this investigation have in store for us?


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Mill Street Barracks, St. Helens

Join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting adventure at The Mill Street Barracks in search of ghostly apparitions of lost soldiers have been spotted walking in the building and poltergeist activity has been reported and ghostly figures of nurses and nuns have also been documented by many a ghost hunter and a very friendly spirit with wandering hands where the ladies are concerned has manifested itself on many occasions these are just some the recorded paranormal activity recorded at The Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens.


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Bishop's Manor, Howden


Bishop's Manor in Howden, East Riding Of Yorkshire stands a stone's throw from the remains of Howden Minster, just off the market square. The manor was built to provide a residence and administrative centre for the powerful Prince Bishops of Durham, who stayed here on their way between Durham and London. Originally built between 1388 and 1405 by Bishop Walter de Skirlaugh, It was altered in the Tudor period and again in the 18th and 20th centuries. Some of the Original features include Bishop Skirlaugh's vaulted entrance porch. Inside the manor are Georgian and Victorian fireplaces and an impressive staircase. At least three kings are known to have visited the manor; King John spent the Christmas of 1211 here, and Kings Edward II and Henry V also stayed here.

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Coxhoe Village Hall, Coxhoe

Coxhoe Village Hall is built on the grounds of four former pit houses that were adapted and made suitable for the new purpose of becoming the original Village Hall in approximately 1910. This building was eventually pulled down and was replaced with the current Village Hall which was opened in 1938 and was called the Coxhoe Social And Literary Institute And Village Hall.

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Old Nick Theatre & Police Station, Gainsborough

Would you like to be taken to the cells of the "Old Nick" where you will be detained overnight for questioning and to assist in our ghost hunt? The Old Nick now a theatre was once a fully operational Police Station with a very murky and spooky past, will you survive the darkness of this ghost night whilst sharing your cell with the prisoners of decades passed. Take part in a ghost hunting night at Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre with Simply Ghost Nights and take part in a ghost hunt. Dare you be a ghost hunter for the night at Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre. Take part in séances, use the Ouija board and much more on a ghost hunt at The Old Nick Theatre.


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The National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield

The museum is now home to many old fire engines and police memorabilia so it is no surprise with so many artefacts that some spirits may still be still attached to them. On a previous visit here a drinking glass was thrown onto the floor, not only once but twice, by unseen hands with nobody near the glass before it was thrown.

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