Hull Annison Funeral Parlour was one of the best nights,  I personally loved it. It was filled with lots of activity. The team of Simply Ghost Nights will give you the best night xx”
- Sammi Wellsted

“Simply Ghost Nights – Simply the best! Ever since going to my first Simply Ghost Nights event at an abandoned hospital/orphanage in Liverpool 8 years ago I’ve been hooked.  I’ve heard groans, children laughing, I’ve seen table moving across the floor and even been stroked on the back of the head, which was nice. The owners Stuart & Rosey and the rest of the team members are brilliant, and they’ll make you feel welcome and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. All the ghost hunting equipment you’ll need to enhance your experience is provided. Each piece of equipment will be explained beforehand by the team in a half-hour briefing. Highly, highly recommended. Don’t delay go ghost hunting today!”
- Mark Paulson

Simply amazing! I don’t think we will ever find a company as good as these! Excellent locations, well organised, able to try out lots of different equipment, if you feel brave they will even let you do a lone vigil!! The team are welcoming, fantastic and you are guaranteed a fun high energetic night when you leave you will want to go back for more!
” – Fay Johnson

“I have been coming on ghosts hunts with Simply Ghost Nights for the best part of 10 years and have enjoyed ever single 'hunt' that I've been on. Stuart & Rosey and the  Simply Ghost Nights team are absolutely lovely and make you feel straight at home whether it is your first ghost hunt or hundredth. They are full of knowledge, professionalism and humour.  Most recently the group I was in caught a figure of a woman during one of the séances! I have no hesitation in recommending Simply Ghost Nights to anyone who is a believer or skeptical. There is a reason that I have been coming back for nearly 10 years... they are the best!!” - James Paulson


Wow wow wow, what a night we just had at the funeral parlour in Hull! I was  talked into coming to this event as i wasn't really a big believer in this kind or thing, I put my hand up admitting to being very skeptical bordering non believer. However from the first vigil things started happening, my wife had her head stroked,I Felt something touch my knee. the equipment was going crazy. the same night i experienced shadows, a chair move without anyone touching it and a crazy sound like something was moving around us. Thank you team, we are now booked on another in Nov. - Keith Brown.