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On our ghost hunting event at the majestic Dewsbury Town Hall Stuart and Nigel reported an exit door slamming or banging in the ballroom on this ghost hunt and at the same moment the table began to move in a table tipping experiment, this had most of the group petrified and scared at the sound of the door banging. This was just one of many brilliant ghost hunting incidents of paranormal activity that occurred at Dewsbury Town Hall on a ghost hunt.



Read about Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting event at Temple Newsam in Leeds. Temple Newsam is one of the most beautiful places to hold a ghost hunt in Yorkshire. With a long history of paranormal activity and sightings our brave ghost hunters could not wait for the ghost hunt to commence at Temple Newsam as we went in search of ghostly happenings.




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Paranormal Ghost Hunts, Overnight Ghost Hunting Events, Haunted U.K

For Ghost Hunting Events, Group Bookings, Private Parties, Hen Parties, Corporate Events, For A Ghost Hunt Night With A Difference, Try A Simply Ghost Night. 
And Remember We Offer A Deposit Option On Many Of Our Events.


Join the Simply Ghost Nights events team for a ghost hunting experience on an overnight ghost hunt in the U.K, attempt ghostly spirit communication on a ghost hunting adventure, at some of the reputedly most haunted ghost hunting venues  and overnight ghost hunts in locations across the U.K, dare you join Simply Ghost Nights on a paranormal investigation.

Simply Ghost Nights hold ghost hunting events all over the U.K in haunted England, haunted Scotland, and haunted Wales, and in locations such as haunted Manchester, and ghost hunts in haunted Leeds, SheffieldBradford, Doncaster, Birmingham, Bradford, ghost hunts in the North West, South East, London, and ghost hunting events in Nottingham, StaffordshireYork, London, Liverpool, and we also cater for paranormal investigations and ghost hunts in The West Midlands, South Yorkshire, NewcastleScotland, Cheshire and ghost hunting in the North East, North West, Lancashire, and  paranormal ghost hunts in Gloucestershire Warickshire, Worcestershire, Devon and Wales as well as many other haunted locations and scary venues across the U.K. Check our events page for a ghost night near you. 

Join us at a ghost hunting event such as The Orphanage in Liverpool,  Alton Towers , Woodchester Mansion, Jedburgh Castle,  Morecambe Winter Gardens or ghost hunt at Nottingham Galleries Of Justice, ghost hunt at  Margam Castle, Sheffield Town Hall, The Niddry Street Vaults Edinburgh, or participate on a ghost hunting night at Smithills Hall  Ryecroft Hall, Ordsall Hall Bolling Hall and paranormal ghost hunts at Cusworth Hall to name but a few of our fantastic ghost hunting events for 2013 for more ghost hunting events in the U.K please visit the events page.

Stuart and Rosey have in the past filmed for the BBC, French and Belgium Television companies and will be appearing on SKY TV in 2013, and have also appeared on numerous radio shows and have previously offered their knowledge and expertise to the Television and Film Industries.

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We also provide ghost hunts and ghost hunting suppers for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Hen Nights as well, for a professional and organised overnight ghost hunting event then try a Simply Ghost Night. With a data base of haunted locations across the U.K to choose from, there is Simply only one choice, allow Simply Ghost Nights to organise your perfect ghost night event. With the majority of our brave ghost hunters returning, we must be doing something right to please our customers who return for an experience with a difference.

Paranormal investigate in various eerie venues such as Haunted hospitals, Ghoulish gaols, Creepy castles and Dreaded dungeons jails, and many more so come along and participate in a ghost hunt event with the Simply Ghost Nights team and International Television Medium Stuart Dawson on a ghost hunting event if you Dare!

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Your ghost night commences with a brief chat about what you may experience as a ghost hunter on a ghost hunting event and how to use all our ghost hunting equipment whether you are using the spiritual or scientific the equipment, you are free to use any of the ghost hunting equipment as you attempt to interact with the spirit world.

To make contact with ghostly world the spiritual way spirits can communicate via tapping and knocking on tables on request this is called a séance, the use of ouija boards or spirit boards is another form of divination with the spirit world, table tipping experiments are another form of divination, the use of dowsing rods and crystal pendulums can also be used on a Simply Ghost Night to attemptto speak to the other side.

During this brief chat regarding the ghost hunting equipment we will also explain the many ways you can also communicate with the ghostly world scientifically, for example you are free to use the electrical equipment such as K2 meters, Franks Box (Ghost Box), Motion sensors, Night Vision Goggles, E.M.F meters, and Sound Enhances too, all the equipment will be demonstrated for your use as you become a ghost hunter on a Simply Ghost Night.

After the demonstration of the equipment it will be time for a quick tour of the building to discover what our Medium Stuart is picking up psychically and on a mediumistic level, and for you too to see what you are picking up as Stuart will encourage you to open your spiritual senses to the spirit worldaround you. Once the walk around is over it is then time for the paranormal investigation to begin. This involves 3-4 vigils in different locations of the building you are investigating, each vigil lasts between 1-1½ hours with a break for light refreshments.

On your ghost hunting night we do not waste your time or money talking about ourselves on a ghost hunt. What we do is utilise every minute possible into providing a ghost hunting event, at a most haunted of location in the U.K, after all it is simply your ghost night.

At all our ghost hunting events there will be a medium and a team of professional paranormal investigators to give expert advice on all paranormal issues such as ghost hunting equipment and ghost hunting tips, also we will have at least one first aider and we have public liability insurance.
Prior to the ghost hunt commencing you can take part in a psychic workshop, where we demonstrate how to use all the ghost hunting equipment you may use on the ghost hunting night, and then bravely participate.
Why not come along and join Stuart and Rosey Dawson (founders of Simply Ghost Nights) and our highly experienced team on an event, for a ghost night, at a most haunted location.
You can follow Simply Ghost Nights via the buttons for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and watch actual footage of a ghost hunting event on our YouTube channel.
Participate in.                                                                                                                       
  • Victorian Seances                                                      
  • Table Tipping Experiments
  • Ouija Boards
  • Glass Divination
  • Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as K2 meters, Franks box, motion sensors, sound enhancers, infra red camera's, and much more as we search for ghostly communication from the other side.


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Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

26 April, 2014

The solid manifestation of a pilot is said to amble around the Main Hangar, and as been glimpsed on numerous ghost hunting events to the shock of the ghost hunters who saw the mysterious, figure literally ghost past the hangar door. More............Price: £35.00



Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Binbrook, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights

10 May, 2014

The R.A.A.F 460 squadron went on to fly more missions and drop more bombs than any other branch in Bomber Command – it also paid the price and tragically had some of the heaviest losses. R.A.F Binbrook was used in recent years for filming part of the blockbuster Memphis Belle. We will be spending the whole night in the whole night in the Sergeants Mess where most of the activity occurs. More....................:£39.00



Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ripon Workhouse Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights

17 May, 2014

***Exclusive*** Come join and Simply Ghost Nights as we step back in time and take in the darkened atmosphere of the doom and gloom of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum. Feel the despair and loneliness just how the former residents would have felt from the moment they stepped through the door. More.......................:£39.00pp



Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights

31 May, 2014

Ghost hunt at Ryecroft Hall, Manchester and come and join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting event as we return to a favourite location of Stuart and Rosey's and help us unravel just who and why these unsettled spirits refuse to move on or keep returning on visitation to this amazing location which is used quite often for the wedding scenes filmed for Coronation Street. More..........................:£39.00



Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, Yorkshire, 7th June 2014

7 June, 2014

Ghost hunting event at The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum with Simply Ghost Nights 7th June 2014. Take part in a ghost hunt in one of Sheffield's most haunted venues on a paranormal investigation. Dare you enter the dark cells and the atmospheric attic room! More...................:£39.00



Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts Saltmarshe Hall, East Yorkshire & Humberside, With Simply Ghost Nights

14 June, 2014

Ghost hunting event at Saltmarshe Hall will be like stepping back in time to the servants quarters of this vast and beautiful hall. In one wing of the building sits the grand wedding and events area, however we have full access to the servants quarters which were unopened for over seventy years. With bedrooms, kitchens and living areas to investigate who we will from the spirit world discover on our maiden journey, into Land That Time Forgot. More......................:£39.00



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